Welp im working on Escape 2 (i have like no gameplay just the menu and character design). I love making characters for this game, the characters are (as of right now) in 3 categories, Circle, square, and special.

Now I'm gona talk about specials, now special characters are characters available to play on certain dates/completing objectives. Once the game lanches (as of now) there is 3 special characters

Lord Tourettes - No way to unlock yet

Edd Gould - Play on March 25th or October 28th

Light Switch - Enter a code found in my previous game WOL (code seen after
A new game! This game, a sequel to a game that you people probably never played. In this game you will play as a prisoner who tries to escape prison...the rest will remain a mystery! (dun dun duunn)
-Tons of platforming levels
-Wall jumping
-50+ Unique prisoners to rescue
-Updates over time that will add more content
-Level editor
-Character creator

More posts to come!
In development next to catastrophe is a game that is code named "zombehz"in this game you'll fight zombie and try not to die....simple. But I'm gona add more to it like...

-3 Playable Characters (each voice acted)

-High Score Boards

-Different Weapons

-Unlockable Costumes

-Multiple Maps

-Weekly Updates

And that's kinda all for now
TODAY'S TEASER: Blochy, your neighborhood friendly purple blob that likes to vomit and eat people YAY!
TODAY'S TEASER: Lonely Lenny and his only friend/cat Lenny Jr.
So I decided to do this sort of semi-unscheduled update thingy were at least once a week a new teaser will be posed to the site.
Welp christmas happened...yay!I got a new computer and a drawing tablet so excpect better quality and just straght upmore cintenet for u not to care about :D Also yes, I will make my cat game.
(that's not the title) Since i love my broken laggy isaac game so much and  my favorite person ever to exist Edmund  is making a cat/mad science themed game i thought WHY NOT COPY IT LIKE I ALWAYS DOES! This time there will be more randomness and less broken ness and more characters! (im thinking of having a design contest but idk yet) When im bored at achool and stuff ill jot down little game ideas and hopfully make the full game (i never do so i wont) MEOW MEOW MEOW!
I'm making a new game called The Blotch
Yeah it'll be awesome, afterwards i'll probably make Bubble Worms and as a side thingy make a new WOL difficulty! Stay Thirsty My Friends.